The Story of My Cats: Bye Bye cleo and leo..

Senin, 24 Oktober 2011

Bye Bye cleo and leo..

I promised mommy cat that I would take care of them.
But.. I didnt keep my promise as I always..
And I am deeply sorry to mommy cat, Cleo and Leo.

So on October 21st 2011. Cleo and Leo were no longer stay with us.
They are fine, healthy and so active. Everything are in good conditions.
But they just dont live with us..
I found them a new mom. And their new mom is really love them.

here's the story..

As we know I stole them from their mom. They were small and fragile uhmm..
We gave them milk and good food. We gave them bed to sleep. Play with them
They were our pet
We love them
Until my dad said Leo and Cleo better live outside..
because as we know, Leo and Cleo are stray cat hmm T_T
My dad thinks they are not good, like not healthy or..
So we should give them back to their mom. And my dad will buy us a new cat.

I put them outside so their mom can take them.
Their mom always come to our house around 11pm.
It was cool outside T.T I checked them like every 5 minutes.
I worried if they run to street or if they cold
but they look just fine.
after we waiting for long time, mommy cat didnt come here to our house tonight..
we put them inside and they were so happy. they jump and run everywhere
haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa that time was really a hard time

Next morning, mommy cat was outside the cage, she seeing Leo and Cleo running but she didnt do anything.
she just looked at them playing and then leave them.. ckckck
Leo and Cleo were so hungry, they meong meong all the time asked for food
we didnt have, well we had but they didnt want to eat it.
So we went to vet.

and miracle come..
there was a cat. a mom cat, she had a kid but her kid dead. and this mom cat still have milk.
Vet told us to give Cleo and Leo to that mom cat cause usually an adult cat will take care of little cat. We did like Vet said. its true!
mom cat really feed them and give them milk. that was so touching momment..
and now, Cleo and Leo live with that mom cat.

I feel relieved about them. I am happy they have a cat who take care of them.
but I feel so worry at the same time..
I pray everynight for them
I wish they have a good life out there..

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