The Story of My Cats: Nebu's Cage

Jumat, 15 Juni 2012

Nebu's Cage

So I'm going to show you Nebu's cage ofc..

he can only eat outside his cage 

LOOK how cute he is... 

just kidding xD ofc that's not his cage xD 
I didnt abuse animal ok??
That's just a laundry tub with my fav color, pink!! 
but  I guess he loves it being there~

So ARE YOU READY to see his real cage??

and after you see this photos, you might think Nebu loves his cage??? well you are wrong!
Until now.. Nebu never use it as his lovely room. He just think that his cage is jail.. 
Nebu doesnt like be in his cage..T_T money wasted..

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