The Story of My Cats: April 2013

Jumat, 26 April 2013

My Cat Fufu Give Birth – part 4 – the sad story

So the day when Fufu wanted to move her babies.. under the bed.. and I didn’t let her.. and I fussy her.. move her kids to another room along with her.. and then move them to the cage which fufu really hate.. and she finally stop moving  when she moved them under the table as you can see in fufu part 3 

At 7pm when I have free time. I played with babies and..
Oh btw fufu have 5 babies. 3 looks like dad, Nebu and 2 look like fufu. So we named them, nebu1, nebu2, nebu3, fufu1, and fufu2.
Back to the story..
So I realized there was this scar on nebu1 arm. It looked like a normal scar. So I didn’t worry about it. Then at 2am when I was so sleepy and ready to sleep. I checked them and realize that the scar became a hole. I was very worried. I knew it is not a good sign at all. I tried to checked online also with the help of my boy and he said its normal scar that it cause by flies or mosquito and it will be fine soon.

But I didn’t think so. I felt something is wrong and it’s not going to be ok.. because he looks week and drooling so much L it was really sad to see him. Please don’t comment like I should get him to the vet. It was fucking 2am.. -.-‘ so I let him laying down next to fufu so he feels warm L I really couldn’t sleep. I was sleep only 1 hour that day.. I was worried about him and then searching in the internet but got nothing.. hours later.. his body temperature getting low.. and he’s cold.. at 6am. He died. RIP Nebu 1.

It really is so sad. To lost a kitten you took care for days..  in that condition..
We named him Nebu1 because he had the biggest body among his siblings. He was always be the strongest one L it was really sad day. when I hold him.. I felt his cold body.. and I didn’t feel his heart beating.. he is not here anymore..

RIP Nebu 1.
Ps. Sorry no photo in this post. I was too sad to take a photo..

Jumat, 19 April 2013

My Cat Fufu Give Birth Part 3 - She move her babies SO MANY TIMES

Yes it's right in this post, I will talking about how many times actually Fufu move her babies into many spot in the room? I can NOT count! but maybe you can so keep reading~

First Let's meet the Babies

so fufu actually born 6 kittens but 1 died. if you count in the photo. there is....?
3 browns and 2 whites. So the brown kittens, they are male just like their daddy, Nebu. The whites are female, exactly like mommy Fufu.
they looked just like little mouse or syrian hamster lol

the story begin..
as you can see in the photo above. Fufu already not in the spot in previous post PART 2
so she move them next to my bed.. -.-.. and god.. fufu bloody ass smell really bad. ofc I want her to take bath. but I knew fufu will be stress if I bath her and heard the hairdryer sound. I didn't want her to feel stress. plus learn from Merci give birth experience, she didn't take shower for  a week and it's fine. so yeah I dedicated not to bath her but I do clean her ass with warm water a little bit. because there were some blood coming out of her ass.. hole.. lol 

So after she moved there. hours later she moved here...
god she move it late at night.. -.-.. when I was still busy in front of my laptop -.-.. and they are under me. I worried I might step on them hahaha
but surprise surprise!!!
They got visit from DADDY NEBU~!! awww that was their first time ;)
I read in the internet that male cats will kill the male kitten because they feel treatened by them. So I never let Nebu go near them. I think it's just my worried because hahahahaha Nebu the pussy run away after see them lol (or maybe he just want fufu's food but too afraid of fufu red eyes?)

and when I already sleep. wtf she back again to the spot :| 

and after that she moved them again..

and tried to move them under bed but ofc I didnt let her!

so I cover it lol but then she moved them here~

So She moved them ofc because she didn't feel like it save for the babies. I know. She kept moving them around. I search and it said I need to put her in room we didn't use and close the door. ok I did like they said. I close the curtain and close the door and didnt make noise. but it only work for 30minutes.. fufu move their baby back to my room.... ok then I gave up and whatever she wants -.-..
then I move everything back to it place. the table, the bed and..

and she stay there until today (they are 3 weeks already now)

I know it is my mistake. I sholdn't move the table but what can I do. She was giving birth and I need to check her condition.. So What can we learn?

If you have a house cat, they first spot she choose to born the babies, it must be the spot she likes. So you shouldn't fussing them and move to place you like. except the spot she likes is really dangerous..

Please don't blame me. I knew my mistake and I learn from it so
I hope you learn from my mistake too :) 


Kamis, 18 April 2013

My Cat Fufu Give Birth – Story PART 2

I forgot to mention this..
So after we buried the first born child. All of sudden, it was raining so hard and over in few minutes. I think it wasn’t only us who was sad about it but the sky too T.T

Back to the story..

When the 5th born. The baby condition was really sad (see the pic above) so she couldn’t meow because I think there was still liquid in her >.< and I don’t know what should I do. All I can do was just giving her to mommy fufu. I believe mom know best.

But fufu didn’t do anything.. she just let her lying alone like that >.< I was hopping that she would lick her at least.. and I know why she didn’t do it.. because she was busy pushing the new born baby!!

So it’s him, still warp with placenta xD and then fufu lick him..


The 5th born, she tried to meow but she couldn’t. omg.. super sad that time. I was worried >.< I even said to my self, I will let her go if she died. Because she really looked like in a bad bad condition. Like she couldn’t breath… also something like poop came out of her asshole.. wtf. I don’t know what it is. But 30 minutes later I heard loud meowing and its her!! God one of happiest feeling ever!!

It was 2:30am

My planed: awake until morning because I worried if more babies coming.. I touch her belly and I felt something hard. I thought that the 7th baby xD you know cat can have 8 kittens at the same time. But..I fell asleep LOL
Woke up so early at 5am! Hahahaha maybe because I am too happy and excited xD I count and couldn’t believe I had 5 kittens! I never even imagine Fufu can be this awesome xD

Fufu condition~ Sorry dirty xD still covering in blood but she already clean herself. It looks better than before xD she looked very tired. But when I woke up she already awake T.T to be a mom isn’t really an easy job!

I clean the spot and make them a cute bed. It made from unused dress lol, on the bottom I put cardboard, and also some newspaper. So its thick and I am sure they wouldn’t feel cold :3 yay!

Bad news is.. fufu didn’t like it at all LOL she choose to sleep on the floor while her babies slept on it..


Sabtu, 06 April 2013

My Cat Fufu Give Birth - STORY AND TIPS (part 1)

Day 1 - 28/3/2012

I wasn't sure when Fufu got pregnant until a month before she gave birth. Everyday, her belly was getting bigger and bigger. I think, it was as big as watermelon. ok maybe I am too much.. but it was huge! I swear I tried to take pic so you can see how big it was but you couldn't really see it unless she's standing next to nebu and I take pic from above angle.. so anyways we were guessing that she would have 3 kittens.. but..

My sisters were very noisy. They were distrubing Nebu.. oh god.. and I saw nebu and fufu did this..

very cute photo of them, even though Nebu eyes looks so sleepy and annoyed hahaha. Anyways we didn't force them to do this pose xD they did it. Maybe it's the way Nebu said "Be strong Fufu" and holding her hand~ aw~ 

so after that I hold Fufu and I saw this white thick liquid came out of her pussy aka vagina. I asked my sister and they said it's fufu poop.. wtf.. it's not! what a dumb. so I was guessing that Fufu will give birth today.. I wasn't feel nervous or anything because I thought It might be wrong O_O because if she gave birth day. considering that cat pregnant for 65 days.. so.. I think she already pregnant on January? wow cool!

OMG fufu became so fucking fussy. that's why her name is fufu xD she looked confuse, walking around and meow so many times. So.. I thought.. It's about time until she really give birth.. and then..

I was taking shower lalalala and my sister called me. She said the baby is out. I was so shocked. "WHAT?? already??" I checked.. and I saw nothing.. So the baby was just half out :( So I think.. ok maybe in few minutes. I was so dumb. I didn't know nothing!! I sugest you.. IF YOU HAVE PREGNANT CAT. YOU SHOULD SEARCH EVERYTHING ABOUT  A CAT GIVE BIRTH or you will be too dumb and make mistake like me... 
so the baby was half out. it was just belly to legs. the rest was still inside.. omg I was so worried and I thought that it's normal. BUT IT IS NORMAL, later I know, if your cat is not 1 yrs old and she already pregnant. The first born kitten will be like that. what you have to do is.. PULL THE KITTEN OUT! if not.. all the babies whos still inside the belly would be all died. You didn't want it happen right?? So brave your self and PULL THE BABY OUT VERY GENTLY!!  very very gently.
My sis did it and she cried after that and said "I DONT WANT TO BE A DOCTOR" hwaaaaa hisk hisk :| what a freak. so my sister was crying, my other sister was sensitive and mom, mom was yelling cause she was worried and afraid. only me so calm..because I already prepare my self. I knew Nebu is fufu daddy and Nebu also the kitten's daddy.. so yeah we knew that the babies wont be perfect and will ride the short bus lol
so.. after that all my family went coocoo.. and I should take care. I thought the baby still alive. but No.. he died.. and had no arm.. he had no left arm.. so.. yeah.. he died. I actually glad that he died. imagine if he alive? that would be a hard life for him. I also don't think that He could make it. So yeah I burried him next to Shinchi, my hamster. RIP baby fufu.. ( sorry no pic, its too cruel I think)

After that we leave her alone. We want her to feel comfy. Opps I forgot. So.. we know giving birth to a living things is not an easy job. AT ALL. so your cat will be tired and have almost no energy cause she tried to push like all the time. You as the owner or mommy cat should help her by.. prepare food and water! 
some cats are so sensitive and you want to just leave the food and water there around her. but my cat is so lovely and she loves us. so I feed her from my hands. she ate like a pig.. not like a cat.. like a pig.. 

so yeah.. after that, I leave her alone. like 15 mins later I checked and TADA~!!! 2 kittens!! there are 2 kittens!! OH MY GOD. SO FASTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!! Sorry no pic.. too excited and happy I forgot to take photo lol

Too excited I leave them alone. I checked again and.. OH MY GODDDDDDDD just OH MY GODDDD one more kittens!! WOW it was hiding so I didnt know until the kitten was moving. omg so cute. I was so happy and still I am now. I thought she will just stop when she has 3 kittens but NO! it's 4!! omg she's awesome. mommy super cat. Merci whos fufu mother, she only has 2 lol but fufu 4??

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