The Story of My Cats: Juli 2012

Minggu, 15 Juli 2012

Week 4

So we already gave them names! 
The boy name is Pino (my dad gave it)
And Girl name is Fufu (Paul gave it)
ok so.. Fufu old name was Snowball and my family think Snowball is too long for a nameand so we change it into Fufu (fucking fussy) hahahaha xD

Together! Look at their sleeping pose. It's so cute x3

He is Pino

Pino~ sleeping like a baby

Pino again xD

She is fufu. as big as Piku! so cute!

Sabtu, 14 Juli 2012

Nebu and friend

So I have a very interesting experience I guess. It was very busy that day I was walking home from my aunt house with my sister. This cat, I gave her name Sheila! So cute! 
I met Sheila when I was walking, Sheila was walking next to me and I asked her,"where are you going?" after we walked a few meters, Sheila still walking next to me! I got scare, I was like what she wants?? and I poke her body in a hope that she would go away hahaha. well she kept walking next to me! 
We got really scare and then we run. you know what? she run after us O_O.. when I slow down and she did the same. OK it means.. she thought we are a big fat beef.. 

oh well, when we arrive. Our Nebu was relaxing in front of my house fence and when he saw us with Sheila he goes arrghhh!!! he arrghh arrrghh Sheila and Sheila got  scared and hide behind the wall. 
I tried to calm Nebu but he kept arrghh her. We think that Sheila must be hungry and thats why she followed us. As a good people, we gave her chicken but she didnt eat it?? this cat really a picky cat.. I mean just eat what you have, you a stray cat anyways.

You know whats so cool? that she sleep in our garage and she tried to come into our house when she knews we have Nebu and Nebu ready to rape her like anytime hahaha xD this cat really is brave or I must say crazy but she is very cute indeed because almost all cats will run whenever they see Nebu but this Sheila stand so brave here. 

I gave her blanket because it was cold outside. You know what else so awesome about her?
This cat, whenever I walk she always walk next to me and she wanted me to pet her!! OMG! SO CUTE!

It was late at night and we have to sleep. When we went to sleep, my sister checking out and she said Sheila isn't here anymore. oh.. but next morning, Sheila is here! my mom gave her beef and she ate it yay!! and she leave..

Since then she never come.. -_-' so the point is..
this cat is so patient! for food!.. -_-' and all she wants its just food! 

Selasa, 10 Juli 2012

Cat Bites

ew It looks bad!
So Nebu bited my sister and.. it was bleeding alot 
but in this pic we already clean  it
also, it wasnt first time happened..
our bad boy, Nebu! he became violent. he bite almost everybody
but now he act good ^^ 
as long as you know how to handle your cat ^^

first, your cat wont bite without a reason
and dont you ever touch him when he is mad and uncomfortable
bcause you will get bite right away im sure 
but i usually grab his neck and pull up so he cant bite me
or i'll just calm him down by pet him and say something to calm him.
until now nebu never bite me ^^

The Kitten can walk now!

So This photos was taken 2 weeks after they born and it shows that they can walk little bit ^^
It was very touching to see them growing and can walk now ^^

the story of Leshi~

aw~ with dad~

Rabu, 04 Juli 2012


Nebu birthday Cake

when nebu cut it~


On June 25th, We held Nebu's birthday party ^^ that I wasnt so sure he likes it or not..
Anyways, Now he is 1 yrs old (15 years old in human age)
I hope he always healthy, be a cute cat who never bite us.. also a smart cat (i think he is very smart lol)

Senin, 02 Juli 2012

Nebu and friends

you see? the black cat on tree. that's Nebu best friend! 
but the black get soo scared whenever he see Nebu hahaha

Piku, "yeah! the camera loves me"

Nebu, "no little gupi, the camera loves me"

poop yeah..

Minggu, 01 Juli 2012

Fashion show of 2012

So I was making some clothes for nebu by using 1 long fabric!
Tell me what do you think~

The Little Cat Riding Hood

 The Wedding Dress


The Chicken Leg

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