The Story of My Cats: Juni 2013

Minggu, 23 Juni 2013

Bye Bye Nebu2,Nebu3 and Fufu2

Hi, I’m back with my cat’s story. Today post is about my experience in this selling cat business lol

As you can see in my previous post. I had been selling cat.  It was very busy days. I thought it’d be hard to sell all the cats as I heard the rumor about selling cat is hard these days but I tried and it’s not. It’s actually easy to sell my cats since I only sell them in 2 days sold out. It might be because I sell them too cheap hahaha that’s fine though I learn something from my experienced.

Selling my cats was very easy. I got a lot of texts since early morning. Like very early at 5am or very late like 1am. They were asking same question, “do you still have the cat?” hahaha

So I will tell the story from beginning.

I sell my lovely kittens that I love since the day I knew fufu was pregnant and hoping that someone who really care about them will adopt and give them love as much as I do or maybe more than I give. Hoping they will have a new live in a good place with food always full in their bowl. Someone who will play with them most of the time and not only put them in the cage. Hoping they will surrounded by people who really love and care about their happiness and healthiness :)

I actually want to take care of them. But my condition didn't support me. The cat food is not cheap for real (I used the good cat food cause my cats will be sick, have diarrhea and puke if I gave them cheap food) and they eat a lot everyday, what I meant by a lot is A LOT! The 1.2 kg food they can eat in a few days for 3 kittens. So it’s mostly just the money problem that I couldn't feed 8 cats with their expensive food. So yeah I have to let them go..

I wasn’t thinking to sell them online at first. I don’t know where I can sell them. 
The only way I know, selling cat to the pet shop.. but I know that means they will be in the cage for long time until an angel come to adopt them. I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t let them in the cage for long time sharing cage with many little kittens.. just imagine it making me belly sick and my heart crying.

I know a little bit about selling things online but I was not sure if I can sell cat and also was not sure if someone wants to buy the cats online.. but fuck! I should try, if not the only option I have, let them stay in the cage for long time in a pet shop..

I want to sell my cats as fast I can even thought my boy said I should slow down a little bit so I can get more money lol

The first day before I sell my cats, I took some photo of them after they took a shower so it means they are in their best shape hahaha with nice fur, clean nose, clean eyes. I got the light right and I clicked it. It turn out to be very pretty photos I must compliment my self hahaha. A lot of people text me, compliment my cats. They mostly said that my cats looks healthy and cute compored to other sellers. they really want my cats but I have to post it to them. I can't and I don't want..

I sell my cats for 80$/1. Standard pet shop price. No comment.. no text.. no everything.. so I was panic hahaha I thought I sell it too expensive and so I change the price to be $60 after I saw so many people selling cats for $60. My boy already remind me though, that I should stick with 80$ and wait very patient hahaha but I was just yelling at him and said he didn’t know shit lol. Right now after all the cats are sold out and already live with their new lovely owners I just realize I should of listen to him more hahaha I am sorry Dx

So I sell them for 60$ and people start to text me, like so many people I can't even count. Some people want me to post the cats to where they live and I said I can’t. Many people want it for 50$ and I ok it lol more people text after that but I gave to someone who pay it first.

And this guy pay fufu2 first! ^-^ yay!! Hopefully he will take care fufu2 very good. Fufu2 still here though, the owner pay half only and will pick her next month :)

Later this husband wife couple bought nebu2~ and too bad they couldn’t keep nebu2 at their house cause of some problem :( I was very sure that they would take good care of him. They look like a very nice people :) and I am sure they would give nebu2 so much love~!! Nebu2 was their Persian/angora cat and they were very excited about it. They already bought new cage, new cat shampoo, all the things you need if you have a cat. Yes! They already bought it.
Too bad they had a problem and so they asked if they can return nebu2. So yeah I said they can and only in 1 day, nebu2 already back to my house!! Hahaha so time to sell him again..

At the same day, this family bought nebu3. My love nebu3.. it was pretty sad, I almost cry.. nebu3 was my favorite out of 3 cause he loved me the most >.< so this family come to my house to see nebu3, there was many people.. was like 5 people to see nebu3 hahaha and without any fussy, they like nebu3 and pay the money. Bye bye nebu3. I don’t know how is he now but I hope he is happy. :)

After that I need to sell nebu2 again. This time I sell nebu2 along with the cage for only 80$. I said only cause it is actually VERY cheap. I don’t like some people who said it is too expensive or whatever bad things they said. They just don’t know anything.. must never go to a pet shop.. it kind of annoying to heard them fussy about how much I gave the price.. IT IS CHEAP OK?? I’m sorry if you always stay at your home and don’t know anything at all lol *angry* *calm down* *drink water* *continue the story*

So it was quite fast to sell nebu2 and I really like nebu2 new owner!! She’s a cat lover <3 and she’s kind of like me cause she couldn’t let the cat in the cage lol plus she always play with the cat and plus! When I said its 80$ she just ok and pay without any fussy! And after talk to her, she had a Persian cat before and bought it for $100. SEE PEOPLE?? I TOLD YOU MY CAT IS CHEAP!! *angry* *calm down* *drink water* *continue the story* anyways, she also said that nebu2 is look much better in real life than in photos. Aw <3 what a sweet girl <3 and she even said, are you sure you won’t cry if I take them?” she was the only person who said that and care about how I felt. T^T what a sweet girl!! Thank you for being nebu2 new owner!!

There is only one thing I pray for them..
God, please always give them happiness  Amen :*

I hope their new owners will taking a good care of them. I hope they always give them so much love. A good place to say.  A full belly lol. I also hope they will become a smart cute cat that won’t make their owner goes ‘arrghhh’ lol. And last but most important, I hope nebu2,nebu3 and fufu2 always happy :)
They will always be in my heart <3

PS: even though they aren’t here now. But I will keep posting their old photos that I haven’t show you yet.. so keep visit my blog and enjoy their cuteness :)

PS again: I said that but we will see if I can see their pix.. I will really miss them and start crying T^T

Senin, 10 Juni 2013

Jual Kucing Daerah Surabaya dan Sekitar


Sorry this post will be in Bahasa Indonesia because I'm selling my kittens for Indonesian Resident >.< You can still enjoy the photos. I will show their most recent photo taken last week ^-^ Enjoy~

Halo Semuanya, Aku mau mengumumkan nih kalau 3 Kucingku ini aku jual :D

Tapi ini kucing cuman aku jual untuk daerah Surabaya dan Sekitar ya.. Soalnya aku nggak bisa kirim kucing ke luar kota >.<  Aku nggak ngerti gimana caranya, aku juga kasihan sama kucingnya kalau menempuh perjalanan terlalu jauh. Jadi maaf ya kalau kamu minat tapi tinggal jauh dari aku >.<

Sekarang mereka sudah hampir 3 bulan. Lincah dan sehat. Senang banget mainan dan merusak barang, biasa kan kalau kucing masih kecil sama kayak anak masih kecil. sukanya mainan, rumah jadi nggak pernah bersih deh..

Mereka sudah bisa BAB sama kencing di box mereka. Jadi nggak usah khawatir sama BAB n pipis mereka hahaha.
Aku sih berusahain supaya mereka bisa betah di kandang. Jadi mereka juga bisa tinggal di kandang cukup lama :) Kucingku yang lain sih nggak ada yang mau tinggal di kandang. Aku sih juga kasihan kalau punya binatang dikurung terus. kasihan kan kayak berasa di penjara. Jadi anak-anak kucingku ini aku biasain tidur dikandang, terus kalau jamnya mainan, mereka bisa keluar dari kandang :)

Jadi ada 3 (tiga) kucing yang mau aku jual. Nebu2, Nebu3, dan Fufu2 (ini nama yang aku berikan buat mereka tapi nggak resmi jadi kamu bisa ganti nama yang kamu suka, soalnya mereka sendiri belum tau nama mereka siapa)

Oh ya, Selama ini mereka makan merek Meo Kitten. Jadi insya Allah mereka jadi kucing yang sehat dan berbulu indah seperti mama papanya hahaha :) Opps hampir lupa, ini kucing ANGORA ya.. bukan kucing Persia ^_^ bulunya lebat dan panjang tapi hidungnya nggak pesek :)

Yang pertama

kalau nebu2 ini anak pertama ya. ke-3 pertama tapi yang 2 sudah mati T_T..bisa di baca dipos2 sebelum ini. nebu2 ini lebih kalem pendiam tapi paling pintar :) dia yang pertama kali bisa pipis di box. dia juga yang bisa keluar dari kandang padahal kandangnya ke kunci -.-' haduuhh.. oh btw ini male ya


Nebu3 ini miripbanget sama papa-nya, Nebu. Bulu-bulu sekitar wajahnya panjang kayak papanya ^_^ Warna matanya bisa dilihat sendiri ya :) Agak coklat ke kuning2an :) kalau sifatnya, dia ini paling lincah, mainan juga yang paling aktif. lucu banget. kayaknya dia nih yang sudah ngerusak 3d origami santa aku -.-.. dia ini male 


Kalau fufu2 ini mirip banget sama mamanya, Fufu. Warnanya putih tapi ada sedikit coklat di sekitar perut sama ekornya :) matanya biru bersih sama kayak mamanya kalau di foto pake flash warnya jadi merah xD tapi dia bukan albino ya. terus dia ini sehat. nggak tuli walaupun matanya biru bulu putih :) si fufu2 ini super duper cerewet. cerewetnya minta ampunnn, meong2nya itu loh kenceng banget -.-' tapi dia cuman meong2 kalau lagi dimandikan sama lagi potong kuku --' dia ini female :)

Supaya nggak penasaran mereka nanti besar2nya kayak gimana, aku kasih lihat foto papa mereka
ini papa mereka sama kucing kampung. kata orang2 sih si Nebu ini besar banget xD

mama dan papa 

Aku cuman cari pembeli serius ya.. Kalau minat bisa hubungan nomer *delete*
Inget ini cuman untuk daerah Surabaya sekitarnya :) Harganya Rp 600.000 kalau beli tiga-tiganya jadi Rp 1.500.000 nggak mahal kan? kata dokter hewanku, kalau kucingnya warna putih sama merah memang harganya lebih mahal dari pada kucing warna lain >.< tapi bisa nego kok. nanti cara pengiriman sama harganya bisa langsung hubungi nomer di atas ya :)

Ini di jual cepat! soalnya kalau nggak laku-laku aku mau bawa mereka ke abang-abang yang jualan kucing itu hahaha soalnya takutnya mereka keburu besar..

btw aku ngerawat mereka sudah dari mereka baru aja keluar dari perut si ibu sampai sekarang mereka lari-lari lincah. bisa kamu baca sendiri di pos-pos sebelum ini. jadi kalau kamu mau beli. tolong ya.. di rawat dengan baik. jadikan mereka bagian dari keluarga jangan cuman di jadikan binatang peliharaan yang di taruh dikandang aja :) tolong ya.. trims.

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