The Story of My Cats: Desember 2012

Rabu, 26 Desember 2012

Nebu and his friend

 We have many stray cats here. If I go walk with Nebu, we always meet 2 or 3 cats everyday ^^ 
Some of them are very skinny and some are fat but the female is always pregnant for sure lol
I wish I can help them but right now I cant. All I can do is just give them our leftover but I guess they are happy with it. Ofc their life wont feel like Nebu or any house cats but I think they enjoy their life ^^
Because our housecat, Nebu, he always want to walk free outside like the stray cat. WTF!
I know it's naturally but we cant do it here.. -,-

With Leshii~ lol he looks funny there. The white one is female cat auuuwwww

hahaha I think that black cat is cool. Look at his fur? Dont you think so?

So this cat, his name is Pablo and he is a persian. I know.. what kind of owner let a persian cat walking free?? -_-' anyways Nebu and him are really good friends.

Did you see black fat feet?? it's not a ghost!! it's just another anggora cat~ this black cat really not afraid of anything ckckck

Rabu, 19 Desember 2012

My cat Nebu.. He bite me!

DID YOU SEE??? HE ACTUALLY BIT ME! plus its not just it!! I have it on my leg as well... OH MY GOD!!! WHAT A CAT!!

see the purple....

It wasnt really his fault though. He was so horny and he saw a female cat walking in front of house. We werent careful that we had the door open and he ran way to catch the female cat =.='... and he ran so far far away and left us behind -.-'.. But he finally stop -,-.. So I tried to hold him and bring it home but he really didnt want to cooperation with me -,-' so when I try to pull him.. it happen.. he bite me!! Thank you -,-..
Now I will have this scar for month! Anyone can help me with the scar? 

Rabu, 12 Desember 2012

How big Leshii gets~

It's been very long time since I posted Leshii here. I don't know how old he is actually. But we have it more than a year ^^ So Lets see how big or fat he grown~

First, The very first time we bought him. it was half and a year ago. As you can see.. He was very skinny~




wo~ho~~ he's getting really fat right?? He didnt eat alot also very active but he gain so much weight!!
I think it's because dad always gave him this vitamin to keep him healthy and have nice fur~
and the vitamin works really great :D

So if you maybe still cant see how fat he gets..
well I have before after photos~

 YOU SEE IT NOW?? whahahahaha I just love to hug him.
but dont worry. I wont let him be obesity~
He is very happy and active cat ^^

Sabtu, 08 Desember 2012

When Nebu's sleeping..

He spent almost his time to sleep just like any other cats. He has scedule. From 8am to 4pm he's sleeping and wake up sometimes just to pee or drink or poo but that only take him few minutes then he backs to sleep. from 4pm to 10pm he awake and will be so fussy. All he wants to do is just walking outside! then rest , he will continue sleeping or just resting hahahaha 

This is Nebu's favorite sleep position~
hahaha yes he sleep on bed BUT its only for few minutes. I guess no cat would love to sleep in bed for long time. I don't kow but My cats didnt like xD 

hahaha I like this~

So I was sitting on my chair and searching  for something then.. I turn my head to the.. left.. then I saw this!!

hahahahahahah lololololololol 
lolololololol this is his fav pose if we turn on AC i guess because he wants to feel cool down there lol

But he's not always making some weird poses. nonnonono He is normal cat. xD
sleep on his arm~ awwww like human <3 like me maybe xD

or sleep on the table~

or just sleep so cute like a baby~~~

Which one is your favorite? :D

Selasa, 04 Desember 2012

They grow so fast!

I forgot, did I mention this before, that I have a guinea pig names PIKU?
anyways if you dont know and want to know. Let's meet PIKU our guinea pig
well.. here she is..

YaY!! what do you think about her? Isn't she so cute??
Plus she just celebrated her first birthday few months ago!!
Check out HERE

So this Piku, she stop growing I guess because she has same size since we bought her a year ago until now lol. For that, I will use her to show you how big my cats are..

FIRST our lovely NEBU~
when nebu was just 4 months ^^ he was so small and so cute xD and look at Piku there~

wow you see how big he grow? this is nebu when he's 1 years old.  Piku isnt even half of him xD

SECOND our little baby FUFU~
She grow so fast. I didnt even realize until I saw this photos T^T


Senin, 03 Desember 2012

My Youtube Account. You can find CATS here

I uploud their video on my youtube account "Inge Lakawa" 
Please visit there to see video about 
Nebu, Leshii, Merci, Pino and Fufu
Plus you can see some of my Hamster and Guinea pig videos ^^

Click here to view


Minggu, 02 Desember 2012

Week 6

YAY 6 weeks old \m/ They are growing so cute!!
They can walk so good, they jump, they entertaint themself lol they are so cute

Pino~ look at his face. he looks like his dad, Nebu

Fufu and daddy~ aw look how small she was

hahaha I just want to share this. his eyes looks so cool here, like uhmm orange diamond xD

anyways.. maybe I never mention this before but Nebu lives with me. while Meric and Leshii live with my aunt and her house just 5 minutes away from me by walk. So.. Fufu and Pino live with their mom, that meant they live in aunt's house ^^....

So.. we already decided that Fufu would live in my house and Pino stay with his mom~
So in next post, I will show you.. when fufu just came to my house~!!!

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