The Story of My Cats: Mei 2013

Kamis, 30 Mei 2013

My Cat Fufu Give Birth – part 5 – Week 2 - Another Sad Story

Sorry It took me so long to post this >.< I've been busy and also lazy >.<
This story is going to be sad.. Just to let you know. they are 2 months old already now :) I sometimes post their photos in my instagram, my facebook fanpage and also my Luch Luch Craft blog. So you can check them there ;)

In this story, I'm going to tell you when they were still 2 weeks old :)
To remind you again, Fufu had 6 kids but 2 already dead... 4 browns like their dad,Nebu. 2 whites like their mom, Fufu. To make it easy, Their names are Nebu1, Nebu2, Nebu3, Fufu1 and Fufu2. Nebu1 already passed away as you can read here

So when they were still 2 weeks old. Their eyes still close and cant walk yet. So all they can do was just sleep and drink milk..
Just so you know, They sleep in my bedroom and I couldn't move them because Fufu went coocoo if I did it.. anyways, since they were live in my bedroom. I couldn't turn on AC for WHOLE MONTH! god.... so hot.. not to mention I need to always have the light ON to keep them warm. Just imagine how hot it was in my bedroom.. -,-..

So this Nebu2 like to make this pose when he's sleeping.. looks so cute but also weird hahaha and even whatever I did to him. He didnt want to wake up!!

See I told you.. He is funny xD I don't know what he saw in his dreams but he really had a good sleep time xD
so I showed this photos to my boys and he laugh xD
he said Nebu2 looks like chicken. I said, yeah only Nebu2 can do this~ ;)
Anyways I was wrong..
Fufu1 can do this pose too!!

It was funny at first and I was so excited to show this photo to my boy
but I felt like something is wrong.. I'm sure you feel it too when you see the photo above..
Fufu1 eyes and her belly button :(
Fufu1 eyes looks dirty. I heard that you shouldn't do anything to baby cat eyes since it's very sensitive. So I just wipe very gently with tissue, also I gave it to Fufu so she can clean her eyes. I believe mama knows best.. So Fufu lick her, clean her. So I think I was just worry too much. She's fine..
Few hours later, I saw her belly button scar looks worse than hours ago.. Also she didn't drink milk like her siblings and her body temp was getting lower.. All of sudden.. I remember Nebu1.. god.. I was like.. I can not go through this all again.. :(
This time I couldn't take her to the vet. You and I know that it's going to be very expensive treatment and I don't have the money that time  T__T I'm so sorry Fufu1. I was just hoping a miracle.. I was praying to God to give the best for her. But.. hours later She dead.. It was very sad but I believe that it is the best for her. So I let her go..
PS: if your cat eyes is dirty. You can wipe it with a towel or tissue that has been dampened with warm water.  Wipe it very carefully and gently since it is very sensitive..

 All I have now.. Those 3 cute little babies. I hope they are always fine, healthy and happy :)

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