The Story of My Cats: Juli 2013

Rabu, 24 Juli 2013

My Cat Fufu Give Birth – part 6 -They are fine

As you know already, They aren't here with me anymore. They are almost 4 months aw~ and have a happy life with their new mom and dad. But even though they aren't here with me, that's not a problem. You can still enjoy their old photos. This is when they were 2 weeks old ^_^
NOTE: Everyphotos can be exlarge. Enjoy their photos~

So Who's curious??? WHAT's INSIDE THIS BOX?????

LOL my kittens.. 

Ever since I lost Nebu1 and Fufu1 . I became really really worried about these 3 little creatures. I didn't want to lose one more >.<.. I worried with everything! weather, Nebu, bug, anything that might hurt them or kill them. So this is something I did to keep them warm. If Fufu isn't around to warm them up. I put them in this box and give them oil on their feet to keep them warm. I checked their temperature everytime I around. I can do it 10 times a day or more lol

their eyes still close. Aww I miss their cuteness ^_^ Later I will post their recent photos ;)
Thank you for reading. You get one heart <3 from mommy Fufu~

Kamis, 18 Juli 2013


Hello, Long time no post...
Do you know???
Merci and Fufu are pregnant now??
Now you know..
That's all I want to share ;)
Bonus Photos

Pino and Leshii relaxing~
I know this expression~ Merci~
Nebu lol
Nebu and Fufu relaxing~ 
I don't want to see a comment teach me about my cat wear leash. Cause I got many comments about it in here and other social media. I explain enough to many people already and I don't want to explain again and again. He is MY CAT, He is NOT your cat and he is NOT your teacher's cat lol. HE IS MINE. I LOVE him. I know what best for HIM. I know and I give. So please don't teach me..

To make you understand why he's wearing leash. I will explain, Hopefully will be my last..
when Nebu was 1 years old (he is 2 years old now) I walked him WITHOUT leash. He was happy. We were happy. I let him walk free. 
One day.. when my mom was walking with nebu, Nebu suddenly crossing the road and this car was ALMOST hit him, thank God the driver stop at the right time. The car was right in front of him. You have no idea how scared Nebu was.. You weren't there.

Since then Nebu is too scared to be close to people until NOW. if there is people come to our house, he will run and hide under the bed. But He really wants to walk outside plus the vet also suggest it to us. So we used leash. We can walk with him and wouldn't worry if anything bad happen.

I NEVER force him to walk. I teach him to wear this since he was little. So he knew where to go. He is a smart cat. 

For more information, Nebu is an adult cat, He is 2 years old and He is a MALE cat (for you who didn't know, male cat is fussier. just like us human, female always more clam, thats why in the pic, you will see Fufu without leash) He wants to fight with all the males in our neighborhood. For real.. Do you know why he wants to walk? He's looking stray cats.. and if he found it, He will run to them and I can imagine what would happen after I heard his arrrghhh voice..

I saw this Persian cat, Pablo. He's walking around, he eat garbage, I saw him and ofc he's so dirty now..
I don't know how your neighbor. but in here, people can steal your cat. They might sell it cause you can get good money from selling cat here or they might make him their own pet or even worse eat cat.. >_> I knew cause someone who saw it told me about it.

and after all those reasons above, I should let my cat walk free?? O_O.. I'm sorry I still love my cats..

and then you will say, "then let him stay in the house. don't let him walk outside.."
please..that's what I want if I can.. you think it's an easy job to walk with him everyday?
Nebu, he's so fussy for real. He will meow meow if we didn't let him outside. I can take his meow meow, no problem. I have 5 cats, I deal with all of their meow meow everyday.. but Nebu if he didn't get what he wants. He pee.. He will pee your bed if we told him to stay in the room.. He will pee your sofa if you told him to stay in the house. He PEE! See~ my cat is smart, he found his way, he got what he wants lol
He can pee poo in litter box, he just did it on purpose. if he wants to relaxing in our backyard but we close the door, he will scrath his litter box, if we didn't care, he will scrath harder so you can hear the sound all over the house.. @_@ and if you still didn't care he will come to you and meow meow you "let me go outside"....

So I'm sorry if I sound rude to you.. I just don't like people teach me how to treat my cat. I got enough of this comment.
I live with him for 2 years and I care about his happiness. You just know him from.. what? photos I show you? then you became a smartass?

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