The Story of My Cats: Juni 2012

Sabtu, 30 Juni 2012

While their kids are sleeping...

yes this is what they did..

while their children are sleeping..

Nebu, "who cares?"

Baby Kittens

ok so.. my family always asked about them. why did they not open their eyes yet? well after almost 2 weeks.. their eyes still closed and my aunt worried about it. I told them that It will take 9-10 or 2 weeks but they kept asking me (haaaa)
But look at them now?? they can open their eyes. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!
We didnt know their eyes color because it'll change when they get older. anyways, the girl open it first ^^ so on the left photo, its her. The boy is little bit late ^^ but I'm glad they grow up fine ^^

Photos of the Day

Kamis, 28 Juni 2012

Merci.. Nebu.. Congratulation

we knew Nebu and Merci were already doing it.. but for months we didnt sure if she pregnant or not.. until! 1 week before the baby born. you cant really tell you know, Merci body was small and her belly wasnt so big and so we thought she just getting weight (how dumb) 

and on June 12 ( a week after Shinchi dead) the babies born. Its a gift T_T
Aunt was just home when one of them just born in the living room. Merci got panic and she ran away leave one baby alone and the other baby still on her pussy because half of the baby cat already out of her pussy. Merci walked here and there  with the baby on her pussy and it make aunt very panic. She called us and told dad to ask the vet and vet just said to leave her because she cant handle it..

oh well.. the babies are born.. and they are very healthy cat ^^

Senin, 25 Juni 2012


Ssttt Nebu is sleeping~

Nebu the caterpillar~

he's sleeping with his tongue out hahaha

where's nebu poop?

The story of Leo and Cleo

Few days ago when I was walking with my mom to the market near our house. I saw a black cat with short tail. I thought that’s the usual cat around my house.. But I saw his short tail and and I have a feeling that it was LEO. If it's really him I would be  very happy to see him growing up and look healthy for stray cat like him.
And then few days after I met LEO. I heard a cat meow meow in the garden. It was early morning and I still sleeping. Later I heard mom give her Nebu’s food but the cat didn’t want to eat it. She kept meow meow and walk around mom like she wants mom to pet her. Well you know what? This cat, she looks just like CLEO.. hopefully its her ^^
So that’s the story. I hope that’s really them because they are look very healthy ^^

Sabtu, 23 Juni 2012


How Nebu meets his girlfriend???

First, Lets get to know more about her~
 This is Merci. Our new cat (well not new anymore now). She is very elegant and fragile with very beautiful white fur, she looks like snow and blue eyes who can change into red.

sniff sniff.. first time Nebu met her and  i think its love at the first sight :3
but but..!!!! 
 what happened???

oh nooo.. Merci didnt like Nebu!! She scared of him!

It takes time to get to know each other 

 BUT we helped them <3
with naughty mind, we wish they would have 4 babies so we can sell them for $_$

eh eh? Romeo and Juliet???


sometimes.. they love being together

sometimes.. merci just got mad without a reason
and it makes nebu goes haaaaaaaaaaa...

and as all couples, they always back together

and maybe not for long time?

but yeah~

oh yeah~

oh yeah~yeah~

Senin, 18 Juni 2012

Nebu loves to play ^^

Nebu ate Mr.Lizard! ew~

Nebu loves to walking outside the house. My mom only allow him to walk around 6am to 9am ^^
So Look! this is how he play~

Start early morning when he just get ready! this is him in front of our house's door

in front of fence~!! yay!! freedom!!

Playing! He is usually in leash but in the morning he will just walk free~

with mom ^^

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