The Story of My Cats: Januari 2013

Kamis, 24 Januari 2013

Fufu and Pino Photo Collection of 2012

In case you dont know I will tell you. PINO AND FUFU, THEY ARE TWINS!! They are Nebu and Merci's childrens. I think they more look like their moms hahaha

So fufu is first born and Pino is second. Fufu is female and Pino is male.
cause daddy is a big cat then Pino became a big cat, He's as big as nebu!! and super heavy cause of his big bones oh god cant hold him for more than 15 mins xD

As a twins, they look alike but you can see the difference. Because Pino has squint eyes LOL

Back is Pino and front is Fufu

left is Pino and right is Fufu

left is Pino and right is Fufu

LOL this is merci and pino.

aw with daddy~ <3

look at his eyes xD funny and cute

Also their personality is very different!!
Pino is super patient cat!! while Fufu just like her name... fucking fussy LOL
I'm happy to have them in my life! they are very funny, I always love to play with them <3

Fufu and Pino are saying...

Rabu, 16 Januari 2013

Photos of Fufu 2012

My little baby, FUFU. She's 7 months old now ^^ She grew up little bigger. yeah.. Than her brother, Pino, Fufu body is small. I think fufu is more like mom with small body, brown white fur. Than Pino is more like dad, tall, big bone, big body, very good looking xD 

This was the first time fufu sit like that hahaha so cute

LOL I didnt know what she was doing..

First time she tried the pillow I make for her ^^

and.. she already make weird pose..

with daddy~ <3<3

with uncle Leshii~ <3<3

hahaha she fell asleep when she was waiting me praying ^^ so cute oh plus she was pooing in the car.. 

Pretty Photo of FUFU

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