The Story of My Cats: My Cat Fufu Give Birth – Story PART 2

Kamis, 18 April 2013

My Cat Fufu Give Birth – Story PART 2

I forgot to mention this..
So after we buried the first born child. All of sudden, it was raining so hard and over in few minutes. I think it wasn’t only us who was sad about it but the sky too T.T

Back to the story..

When the 5th born. The baby condition was really sad (see the pic above) so she couldn’t meow because I think there was still liquid in her >.< and I don’t know what should I do. All I can do was just giving her to mommy fufu. I believe mom know best.

But fufu didn’t do anything.. she just let her lying alone like that >.< I was hopping that she would lick her at least.. and I know why she didn’t do it.. because she was busy pushing the new born baby!!

So it’s him, still warp with placenta xD and then fufu lick him..


The 5th born, she tried to meow but she couldn’t. omg.. super sad that time. I was worried >.< I even said to my self, I will let her go if she died. Because she really looked like in a bad bad condition. Like she couldn’t breath… also something like poop came out of her asshole.. wtf. I don’t know what it is. But 30 minutes later I heard loud meowing and its her!! God one of happiest feeling ever!!

It was 2:30am

My planed: awake until morning because I worried if more babies coming.. I touch her belly and I felt something hard. I thought that the 7th baby xD you know cat can have 8 kittens at the same time. But..I fell asleep LOL
Woke up so early at 5am! Hahahaha maybe because I am too happy and excited xD I count and couldn’t believe I had 5 kittens! I never even imagine Fufu can be this awesome xD

Fufu condition~ Sorry dirty xD still covering in blood but she already clean herself. It looks better than before xD she looked very tired. But when I woke up she already awake T.T to be a mom isn’t really an easy job!

I clean the spot and make them a cute bed. It made from unused dress lol, on the bottom I put cardboard, and also some newspaper. So its thick and I am sure they wouldn’t feel cold :3 yay!

Bad news is.. fufu didn’t like it at all LOL she choose to sleep on the floor while her babies slept on it..


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  1. I'm glad that most of the babies survived. Have you looked after very young kittens before? Maybe you could do some research on how to take care of them.

    1. yes i did research, they are 3 weeks today. yeah you will be surprise when you read the continue..


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