The Story of My Cats: Week 6

Minggu, 02 Desember 2012

Week 6

YAY 6 weeks old \m/ They are growing so cute!!
They can walk so good, they jump, they entertaint themself lol they are so cute

Pino~ look at his face. he looks like his dad, Nebu

Fufu and daddy~ aw look how small she was

hahaha I just want to share this. his eyes looks so cool here, like uhmm orange diamond xD

anyways.. maybe I never mention this before but Nebu lives with me. while Meric and Leshii live with my aunt and her house just 5 minutes away from me by walk. So.. Fufu and Pino live with their mom, that meant they live in aunt's house ^^....

So.. we already decided that Fufu would live in my house and Pino stay with his mom~
So in next post, I will show you.. when fufu just came to my house~!!!

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  1. so cute!!!!!!
    do drop by to my blog :)


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