The Story of My Cats: Cat Bites

Selasa, 10 Juli 2012

Cat Bites

ew It looks bad!
So Nebu bited my sister and.. it was bleeding alot 
but in this pic we already clean  it
also, it wasnt first time happened..
our bad boy, Nebu! he became violent. he bite almost everybody
but now he act good ^^ 
as long as you know how to handle your cat ^^

first, your cat wont bite without a reason
and dont you ever touch him when he is mad and uncomfortable
bcause you will get bite right away im sure 
but i usually grab his neck and pull up so he cant bite me
or i'll just calm him down by pet him and say something to calm him.
until now nebu never bite me ^^

2 komentar:

  1. ahaha.. dicakar mah biasa... dulu juga suka dicakar2 tapi yg nyakar gak semua kucing... kucing juga kayak manusia ya sifatnya beda2 ada yg ramah, sensi, galak, manja... xixixixi... ><

    1. iya klo dicakar kucing jalanan sih gpp. eh ga boleh xD
      tp kan klo dicakar kucing sendiri T^T sakit hatiku T_T


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