The Story of My Cats: Leshi come back!

Jumat, 25 Mei 2012

Leshi come back!

As I told you earlier about Leshi who ran away from home. I will tell you the full story!  

So this happened many months ago..

Leshi actually live in aunt’s house. My aunt was prepared things because she had to go to some places early morning. She let Leshi to play putside his cage. Leshi was so happy and run everywhere in the house. Until.. He found a stair. You know the stair that you can move to anywhere you like. Someone put the stair right to the roof. Leshi went up and My dad saw him already on the roof. He was so shock.

Well.. somehow since then.. we never met Leshi..

We alredy looking him everywhere and everyday but we couldn’t find him. We even told to all security guards in our neighborhood.

Then time passed.. we gave up and wish he got a good life outthere. It was already a month since we lost him and by the time we have merci as our new cat.

A month passed.. the security called us! He said he found Leshi! What a good news. We were so shock and happy at the same.

Here’s some pictures of him the day we met him after month.

just take a bath

He was so skinny and he also had scar behind his ears. Also he smell like trash. His condition was very bad!! It was so sad..

It was a miracle he back to our life alive. I mean I heard some stories about cat here. They run away from house and they found them die outside. So Thanks God

He is so very healthy now. So very fat and have nice fur. And I think he will think twice to go outside the house again

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