The Story of My Cats: Nebu and friend

Sabtu, 14 Juli 2012

Nebu and friend

So I have a very interesting experience I guess. It was very busy that day I was walking home from my aunt house with my sister. This cat, I gave her name Sheila! So cute! 
I met Sheila when I was walking, Sheila was walking next to me and I asked her,"where are you going?" after we walked a few meters, Sheila still walking next to me! I got scare, I was like what she wants?? and I poke her body in a hope that she would go away hahaha. well she kept walking next to me! 
We got really scare and then we run. you know what? she run after us O_O.. when I slow down and she did the same. OK it means.. she thought we are a big fat beef.. 

oh well, when we arrive. Our Nebu was relaxing in front of my house fence and when he saw us with Sheila he goes arrghhh!!! he arrghh arrrghh Sheila and Sheila got  scared and hide behind the wall. 
I tried to calm Nebu but he kept arrghh her. We think that Sheila must be hungry and thats why she followed us. As a good people, we gave her chicken but she didnt eat it?? this cat really a picky cat.. I mean just eat what you have, you a stray cat anyways.

You know whats so cool? that she sleep in our garage and she tried to come into our house when she knews we have Nebu and Nebu ready to rape her like anytime hahaha xD this cat really is brave or I must say crazy but she is very cute indeed because almost all cats will run whenever they see Nebu but this Sheila stand so brave here. 

I gave her blanket because it was cold outside. You know what else so awesome about her?
This cat, whenever I walk she always walk next to me and she wanted me to pet her!! OMG! SO CUTE!

It was late at night and we have to sleep. When we went to sleep, my sister checking out and she said Sheila isn't here anymore. oh.. but next morning, Sheila is here! my mom gave her beef and she ate it yay!! and she leave..

Since then she never come.. -_-' so the point is..
this cat is so patient! for food!.. -_-' and all she wants its just food! 

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