The Story of My Cats: When Nebu's sleeping..

Sabtu, 08 Desember 2012

When Nebu's sleeping..

He spent almost his time to sleep just like any other cats. He has scedule. From 8am to 4pm he's sleeping and wake up sometimes just to pee or drink or poo but that only take him few minutes then he backs to sleep. from 4pm to 10pm he awake and will be so fussy. All he wants to do is just walking outside! then rest , he will continue sleeping or just resting hahahaha 

This is Nebu's favorite sleep position~
hahaha yes he sleep on bed BUT its only for few minutes. I guess no cat would love to sleep in bed for long time. I don't kow but My cats didnt like xD 

hahaha I like this~

So I was sitting on my chair and searching  for something then.. I turn my head to the.. left.. then I saw this!!

hahahahahahah lololololololol 
lolololololol this is his fav pose if we turn on AC i guess because he wants to feel cool down there lol

But he's not always making some weird poses. nonnonono He is normal cat. xD
sleep on his arm~ awwww like human <3 like me maybe xD

or sleep on the table~

or just sleep so cute like a baby~~~

Which one is your favorite? :D

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