The Story of My Cats: Merci.. Nebu.. Congratulation

Kamis, 28 Juni 2012

Merci.. Nebu.. Congratulation

we knew Nebu and Merci were already doing it.. but for months we didnt sure if she pregnant or not.. until! 1 week before the baby born. you cant really tell you know, Merci body was small and her belly wasnt so big and so we thought she just getting weight (how dumb) 

and on June 12 ( a week after Shinchi dead) the babies born. Its a gift T_T
Aunt was just home when one of them just born in the living room. Merci got panic and she ran away leave one baby alone and the other baby still on her pussy because half of the baby cat already out of her pussy. Merci walked here and there  with the baby on her pussy and it make aunt very panic. She called us and told dad to ask the vet and vet just said to leave her because she cant handle it..

oh well.. the babies are born.. and they are very healthy cat ^^

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