The Story of My Cats: MAMA and PAPA

Sabtu, 23 Juni 2012


How Nebu meets his girlfriend???

First, Lets get to know more about her~
 This is Merci. Our new cat (well not new anymore now). She is very elegant and fragile with very beautiful white fur, she looks like snow and blue eyes who can change into red.

sniff sniff.. first time Nebu met her and  i think its love at the first sight :3
but but..!!!! 
 what happened???

oh nooo.. Merci didnt like Nebu!! She scared of him!

It takes time to get to know each other 

 BUT we helped them <3
with naughty mind, we wish they would have 4 babies so we can sell them for $_$

eh eh? Romeo and Juliet???


sometimes.. they love being together

sometimes.. merci just got mad without a reason
and it makes nebu goes haaaaaaaaaaa...

and as all couples, they always back together

and maybe not for long time?

but yeah~

oh yeah~

oh yeah~yeah~

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