The Story of My Cats: The story of Leo and Cleo

Senin, 25 Juni 2012

The story of Leo and Cleo

Few days ago when I was walking with my mom to the market near our house. I saw a black cat with short tail. I thought that’s the usual cat around my house.. But I saw his short tail and and I have a feeling that it was LEO. If it's really him I would be  very happy to see him growing up and look healthy for stray cat like him.
And then few days after I met LEO. I heard a cat meow meow in the garden. It was early morning and I still sleeping. Later I heard mom give her Nebu’s food but the cat didn’t want to eat it. She kept meow meow and walk around mom like she wants mom to pet her. Well you know what? This cat, she looks just like CLEO.. hopefully its her ^^
So that’s the story. I hope that’s really them because they are look very healthy ^^

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